Troy’s Bio


I am a licensed psychologist in the state of Washington. Of the many activities performed by a psychologist  the great privilege, for me, is the work of a therapist. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the other activities such as teaching, consulting, and making psychological evaluations, but the best part of my job is the in-depth work of being invited into the lives and struggles of people who are genuinely seeking to find more fulfilling ways of living with their challenges.

 From my perspective, therapy is primarily relational, which means it is far more than an educational, intellectual, or emotional experience. I am motivated toward helping people step into their life struggles with the hope of finding a more meaningful and rewarding way of life. I am also committed to providing competent, compassionate, and change-oriented assessment and therapy services.

I applied myself to a doctorate in clinical psychology to gain the privilege of being trusted as a therapist, and along the way I also obtained a master’s degree in Christian counseling to satisfy my own interest in the intersection between psychology and theology. My journey into psychotherapy started formally with counselor training in 1997 (Colorado Christian University), which eventually inspired me to change careers. In 2004 I shifted from an  industry-focused career towards one focused on mental health. Since then I have  provided counseling service for several agencies before starting to provide psychological services independently in 2008. In 2004-5, I  also worked for a graduate school helping train students for masters level degrees in counseling psychology and theological studies (at Mars Hill Graduate School). In 2009 I submitted and defended my dissertation, the last step in  completing a doctoral degree in clinical psychology (from Antioch University).  Subsequently, I obtained a license to practice therapy as a psychologist in the state of Washington.

Since therapists are not only informed by their training but also by their life experiences, the following are a few of my life experiences that have been important points of connection for some of my clients:

  • I am internationally-minded, with sensitivity towards cultural issues. I grew up in the Orient and later married a European. I have lived 16+ years outside of the US and have traveled extensively. We have a bilingual/bicultural family and I speak competent French.
  • With five children, my wife and I have extensive parenting experience, including parenting children with special needs. I am sensitive to the special gifts and challenges associated with having disabilities.
  • Besides being a place for emotional healing and personal change, therapy can be a safe place to explore and discover what you believe. All my life I have struggled in depth with religious belief systems.  I have compassion for those who are struggling to make sense of their world and those who struggle to find meaning and connection to purposes greater than themselves. I am known as a safe place for anyone on a journey of belief, no matter what faith tradition or non-faith, to grow their belief through exploring its impact on their life, relationships, and emotional wellbeing. I associate myself mostly with a Christian worldview, but don’t let this scare you.  I struggle with many things that have come out of Christian culture. I have seen the damage and deeply desire  to not be a part of the harm that “Christian” means to so many people. Some clients come to me wanting to connect with someone from a similar faith orientation, others couldn’t care less and find it a safe place to believe whatever they believe. Many have been surprised at how freeing it can be to explore and come to terms with what they believe.

I strive to make therapy a safe place. Working with me is both a professional and a personal experience that may impact the emotional, physical, relational and/or spiritual aspects of life.