Spiritual Struggles

How we make sense of our lives affects us emotionally. For many, struggling with systems of religious belief and cultivating a spiritual life are an essential aspects of our human experience. There is a deep longing within us to be connected to something bigger than ourselves and to make sense of a world we were born into but did not create. Sometimes our view of the world and our place in it can lead to anxiety or depression. Sometimes our emotional struggles lead us to rethink the meaning of life and our place in it. Carl Jung, a prominent theorist, recognized how our modern world has left us spiritually bankrupt when he attempted to address “Modern Man in Search of a Soul.” In therapy, the process of exploring our inner world can touch a part of us that seeks spiritual connection.  Therapy can be a space to examine and refine our spiritual understanding by considering its psychological impact on us.  I take the perspective that all major religions have something compelling, something profound to offer us, and at the same time, I am inclinded towards a Christian worldview. Besides my doctorate in clinical psychology, I also pursued a masters degree in Christian counseling. I believe that many of the primary themes of the Christian faith are simple but profound truths that help us to understand what it means to be more fully human.  If one is so inclined, therapy can be a place to explore religious themes and their impact on our lives.